MRC Clinic




This is one of the smallest clinics operated by SMRU. I will come here on Wednesdays to do a clinic, see follow ups and do some hands on teaching with the patients who turn up. It looks a little run down, but it does the job. On the right of the picture is reception, everyone gets a fingerprint blood test for malaria. The lab is just off screen. The middle area is the waiting room and to the left is the consulting and examination room. Out the back there is an old rusty slide for the children to play on. You can just about see the original pastel colours. There’s a couple of latrines and just beyond the fence there is a newly built Buddhist monastery. You can just see the river which forms the border between Thailand and Burma, about 100 metres away.


Today I had lunch in MKT village, just next to the old clinic. The latrines which were shelled during the last military fracas are still visible, but that didn’t detract from lunch of fried rice and chicken, with broth. Well worth 50 pence.


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