I actually tried to order a green papaya

If only...
If only…

I actually tried to order a green papaya and mango salad, but my language skills are obviously dire, and I got this shaved ice, on top of chewy green, black and white sweets, like soft Haribo, but one had a stalk on it, so goodness knows what that was. The red stuff dribbled on top reminds me as a child of getting cones from an ice cream van, when the vendor asked if you wanted “monkey’s blood” on it, a sort of raspberry sauce. I’m not sure but I think the white stuff was condensed milk. Eating it was quite tricky as it was piled up so high. The good stuff was in the bottom, but you couldn’t get to it at first. By the time it had started to melt, the sweets were easily accessible. I missed breakfast this morning, so I asked if the driver could stop for fried bananas, but tragically the shop was shut. Fried bananas are so good I posted the image twice. And I’m not sure how to delete just one image. Meh.


3 Replies to “I actually tried to order a green papaya”

  1. The first two images are fried bananas in batter. More healthy than Mars bars but only just. I am using this freebie blogging site, and its very difficult to edit and amend posts. So instead of the bananas coming at the end, the programme inserted the photos at the beginning. I tried again and got another image of bananas. I take it that you can see the embedded YouTube videos, or were these blocked by HIS?

    Anyway, Cafe Roma isn’t that random.

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