This is the Burmese word for being so deferential to respected people that you don’t tell them they are completely wrong. The Thai expression is Kreng Jay. This is rather worrying for me because I need people to tell me I am barking up the wrong tree. The nurses won’t contradict me. I am supposed to be the revered doctor from overseas who is infallible. This means I carry the can for everything, so it protects them from being criticised when things go wrong. Cultural stuff like this can trip you up. It is a bit like those lectures about medical errors, given by experts from the airline industry. I recall a story of a Korean captain who chopped off the tail fins of several planes when he was parking a 747, and all the crew in the cockpit didn’t dare speak up as it would be seen as criticising their boss. So I’ll see what I can do to remedy the situation.


4 Replies to “Anaday”

    1. SMRU the Shoklo Malaria Research Unit, part of a collaboration between Mahidol And Oxford Universities. Funded mostly by European Union, UK Aid and Wellcome Trust.

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