While wandering around the aisles in my local Tesco, I came across a whole counter devoted to garlic. I have seen the Isle of Wight garlic farm produce, but Tesco put them to shame. I am not allowed to photograph inside the store, but it was certainly impressive.  And on the way to the clinic today I saw a garlic drying shed. The photograph isn’t good quality because it was taken from a moving vehicle. But I think you get the general idea. Garlic is very popular here in Thailand.


The garlic has dried out, and is being prepared for sale. Again, a poor quality photograph taken from a moving vehicle today 29th April.


2 Replies to “Garlic”

  1. Ann and Mark gave us some smoked garlic, complete with a set of recipes featuring this product, as a gift when they last came round for a meal. Fantastic! The smoking process took the garlic to a whole new level. Any good meals that you have experienced recently?

  2. Last night I had soft tofu, topped by chilli, with deep fried veggies in a spicy peanut sauce. Check my Facebook for the afternoon homemade ice cream I had after swimming.
    Fried rice with veggies and squid for a quid was good last week. And mini aubergine curry with dried prawn stuffing. I have also eaten sweetened black rice with sweet potato and coconut milk topping in a plastic bag from Tesco, shame on me.

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