A few days after I moved into a room at Ban Thai guesthouse, a tree with fragrant small yellow florets burst into colour. One of the ladies who runs the place got a gardener to hook down a branch so she could pick the flowers. I wondered about this, stripping the tree’s lower boughs to decorate the house. I would have preferred to see the tree doing its stuff au naturel. Two days later, the blossoms had all fallen, so its glory was brief. Perhaps it was the rainstorm, but it didn’t give the pollinators much time to get to work.

Outside my apartment there is a flame tree which is also shedding red flowers copiously. Every morning, it feels like I am walking on a scarlet carpet as I wheel my bike down the path to the road. There is a beautiful bougainvillea in the garden, creamy white, with pink blush to the leaves. It makes my heart sing going to work each day.


2 Replies to “Blossom”

  1. Sounds beautiful. The daffoldils are looking particularly impressive in our garden this year. Perhaps they responded well to the cold spring. My friend Sharon just took me out to lunch at Wistow Garden Centre. Great to see the lambs in the fields and the grass is so, so green. I’m confined to home so much more than usual due to my op that my appreciation of the world outside is particularly heightened. Also, I wanted to let you that we took your bottle of wine from female SA wine grower round to friends yesterday and they all loved it. Our host Gabi grew up in CapeTown and was particularly interested in the background story. What local brews are you getting to enjoy?

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