Karaoke Bar

Last night at the exppact bar in Mae Sot, there was a benefit concert fundraising for children who had been killed or injured when a truck ploughed into their schoolbus. You can read about the incident http://karennews.org/2013/03/mae-sot-school-bus-crash-kills-one-injures-29.html/

Although we wanted to support the fundraising, the food supplied was not very appetising, so my friends and I went to Chicago, a Japanese restaurant, which has karaoke on some evenings. The food was inexpensive and delicious and after a few glasses of ice cold Asahi beer, we were encouraged to sing after our supper. For a dare, I agreed. I looked through the list of songs, and saw Wonderful World. Great, I can do my Louis Armstrong impersonation, no high notes for Satchmo. Just as I was about to launch into song, the lyrics came up on the monitor for Sam Cooke’s song, the one about not knowing much biology, history books or the French I took…I managed, but demanded a song I knew the words to, “Bridge over Troubled Water” instead. I coped reasonably well until the final phrase, where the tune goes up an octave or whatever. Got some sympathetic applause from a group of Japanese diners, probably just face saving clapping, though.

The concert was good, some community singing, a solo artiste and the IT boffin at SMRU, who danced the tango to a scratchy old recording which sounded like it came from Buenos Aires in the thirties. He won two raffle prizes, too – a bag of local coffee beans and Jamie Oliver’s Ministry of Food book. Great night out.


5 Replies to “Karaoke Bar”

    1. Well, I did the Sam Cooke song as well. I once saw a comedian singing My Way while sitting on the toilet. It was pretty gross so I didn’t try that rendition, especially the phrase, “I bit off, More than I could chew.” In a restaurant, really. It was an odd setup with a computer driven Hammond organ providing the backing track what ever you sang.

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