Snake in the garden

Snake in the garden

Just as I cycled into the guesthouse compound, the manager squealed, “There’s a snake in the garden, stay back, it might be poisonous!” Well, he was being a bit histrionic; I have paid up front in advance for my room. I grabbed my camera and managed to take one blurry shot of a 5ft grey and black snake slithering up the corner of the garden wall. Some men rushed over with metal staves but as soon as it slid over the wall into next door’s compound, they lost interest.

“They are disappointed. They want to kill it and eat it. They say it gives a man extra power,” said the manager making a gesture which made it perfectly clear what he meant.

So on Friday I wrote about snakes, and on Monday I see one. Probably just a harmless rat snake. I’ll check on google images to see if I can manage to identify it.

I’ve got the answer, it is an oriental or banded rat snake, quite harmless.


3 Replies to “Snake in the garden”

  1. Old song by susan and the banshees came to mind snakes in the grass I know I know totally my minds in the heavens but made me want to sing it out loud and dance around the living room not a pretty sight and who ever would see it would be seeking some kind of therapy lol

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