Children’s hairstyles

Children's hairstyles

This little chap has a swatch of hair “guarding” his anterior fontanelle. Similar hairstyle, similar motivation for a chubby baby in Mali in 1984, being held by Sheila. I couldn’t import that picture here so if you want to see it, it is on Facebook.

Today’s child was fit and well. It was cool this morning after a nights rain, so he is well clothed. Mum gave a vague story of crying at night, not settling down easily. There was nothing to find on examination and the nurse was about to send them home, when my GP intuition kicked in. Why would she have brought such an apparently healthy child to clinic? Taking a bit more history, it turned out that she had lost two infants in the past five years, one of whom cried a lot at this age. Knowing the hidden agenda made it easy for us to provide appropriate reassurance.


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