Being a flaneur in Mae Sot

After clinic today, I wandered around Mae Sot with my camera, taking in the nuances of life in Thailand while waiting for the buckled back wheel on my mountain bike to be fixed. See the Wikipedia articleâneur


Notice the varied decals on the tailgate of this pickup truck. Che Guevara is quite a common sticker. I have photographs of him adorning vehicles in Laos, too. Converse basketball high top soft boots are too mainstream to be edgy.


Which came first? Chicken or the egg? The eggs did in this post. I am amazed at the number of egg shops, just selling plastic and cardboard trays of eggs. In the blazing heat of the day, on wonders if they might hatch. It seems a profitable business. As is selling birds. In the market, you can buy songbirds in a cage. Here are cocks, hens, doves, pigeons, all caged up ready for purchase. Sometimes, you can buy caged birds for release, in order to gain merit.


I like Thai tuktuks. The driver sits aside a powerful motorcycle and his carriage surrounds him, all polished steel and garish colours.


At first, I thought this pig was being advertised as the prize for a competition, but looking at the poster again, it might be advertising vetinary products.

The mountain bike rides like a dream. Forget walking dreamily around the lanes, I’m back in the rat race of Thai traffic again.



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