There are wheelie bins in Mae Sot. Sometimes they overflow. Sometimes people just dump rubbish in the general locality of the bins. And scavengers, like this chap, check out what has been thrown away so they can salvage it and make a living as recyclers. Some use hand carts, others have two big plastic bags on either side of a pedal cycle to collect junk which might have a value, like cans, plastic bottles, etc.



Lovely flame tree, called a diamond tree in Karen language, contrasted with fly tipping of rubbish just outside the compound.

The city garbage collection truck doesn’t have that device where the bin men just fit the wheelie bin onto a a mechanism to lift it up and tip it into the space for refuse in the truck. The men have to haul the bins up onto the lip of the back of the truck, tip out the rubbish themselves and then remove the bin. At least there is a mechanical compressor which forces the rubbish inside the truck. But the bin men are scavengers too, and might find a juicy morsel which is worth keeping, before it is confined to the dump. Note the hi vis tabard and white wellies of the bin man on the back of the truck.


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