There are lots of dogs in Mae Sot. Some Thais say that the King has a dog, so they want to follow suit. There doesn’t seem to be any programmes to limit canine fertility, so quite a few dogs are feral and they roam the streets in packs after dusk. It is said that 2% of the dogs in Bangkok are rabid, but I don’t think this is true in Mae Sot.

I had some trouble taking these snaps, because the dogs were very wary about anyone coming close to them with a possible weapon in their hands. The white one with dirty legs used to bark at me every day as I walked past on the way to SMRU. After a week he gave up. He growled a bit at me when I started cycling to work, but he accepts me as a local now.

At the open air public swimming pool, there is a dog that barks like an Enggerrlahand football chant. You know the one, “Bark, bark; bar-bar-bark; bar-bar-bar-bark;BARK BARK”

In the night, sometimes one dog will start barking and all the others join in. Annoying if you are trying to get some sleep.



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