Science and Environment Knowledge Park


Sunday afternoons can be boring, so off I went to the Mae Sot equivalent of South Ken. Unfortunately, the museum was closed, but I enjoyed walking around the park. The attendant beckoned me over and explained to me that this was a place where young couples “hung out”. I think he didn’t want me to be offended or to get the wrong idea.

The park had a little garden, where the plants were identified with Thai names, Latin official names and some had English names, too. Scattered among the bushes were some plaster birds, a lion and a tiger. And in one corner of the gardens, there was a Jurassic Park, with some miniature dinosaurs.

But I realised it was truly a science park when I saw a group of school children arranging themselves as part of the Periodic Table. We couldn’t converse in English or Thai, but we managed elementary chemistry. Excuse the pun.


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