Chinese funeral at the local temple


Cycling around the side streets of Mae Sot, I came across a Chinese temple. There was a building next to the temple, like a church hall I suppose, which was open to the street with bouquets of flowers and a photograph of the deceased. I decided to take a look at the temple, but felt uneasy about intruding on a funeral.

Chinese funeral invitations are sent out on white paper, unless the person who died was over 80. In that case, the invites are pink, in celebration of a longer than normal life. White is the colour of mourning, so mourners dress in white, or black, and the predominant colour for the flower arrangements is white.

I took some photographs of the adjacent temple. The saturated, rich colours would have benefitted from Velvia, or at least Kodachrome 25 film. But I am happy with the digital results. The bas relief cartoons high up on the wall (to resemble heaven) are particularly interesting.


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