Funeral Procession


Cycling back from a trip to buy cheap clothing at the out of town TK Garment factory shop, I came across a funeral. Some of my regular readers might be thinking that I already spend a lot of time thinking and writing about death. But it seems just part of life here.

The procession was led by a man with a smoking pot of incense on a bamboo pole over his shoulder. Actually, a dog was leading the way, but I’m not sure if he’d been invited. Behind the incense carrier was a man carrying a thin pole to which was attached a paper cut out of a human figure. Perhaps this is a symbol of the deceased person’s soul? Seems logical.

Incense carrier
Incense carrier
Paper ghost carrier
Paper ghost carrier

These two were followed by a troop of monks of varying ages, holding onto a white rope. I think they are supposed to be chanting buddhist scriptures. The relatives and friends of the deceased came next, also holding the rope, which was attached to the funeral pickup. It carried the coffin and the sound system. Two men were hanging off the back of the funeral pickup, in true Thai style.

The cortege was causing quite a traffic jam in the busy street late on Saturday morning. It was overtaken by several vehicles and an impatient police motorcycle rider. I was tempted to tag along but decided against it.


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