Saigon by night

Some scenes in Saigon.

This man was just lying in the street in his pants being “cupped”. Glass cups are heated with a taper, then applied to the skin. The air inside the cup cools and contracts, sucking up the flesh. Supposedly, this mobilises blood flow to promote healing, but there’s no evidence it does any good. Perhaps the patient feels it is bringing out a deep bruise, or it is a counter irritant.


This is the queue for motorcyclists to get into one of Saigon’s hospitals. I suppose it was visiting time. This is one of the city’s busiest intersections. We had to walk into the road to get past.


Saigon is shopping crazy. From massive stores in skyscrapers, to posh malls, covered markets and stalls on the street, you can choose where to indulge your habit. Best buys were Ray Ban sunglasses at less than $2 and North Face fleece lined, Gortex jackets for $40, all looking genuine.


Why is one window red?


How about some bird nest or shark fin soup?


Impressive bridge over the Saigon River at dusk.


Busy junction outside the Rex Hotel.

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