The weather has turned deliciously cooler in north west Thailand. I opened the door to my tiny balcony this morning and started shivering. The sky was electric blue, but my neighbours had started a fire in their compound, presumably to provide heat rather than to burn rubbish. The acrid smoke made me shut the door, rather than the blast of cold air. The temperature only drops to 10C at night. In Sapa, Vietnam, they have had the heaviest snowfall in fifty years.

By 11am, the air temperature has risen to 25C and the health workers start taking off their parkas, or in Ee Moo’s case, her earmuffs too.

I worry about the small babies in our special care baby unit, especially when they need to be naked when having phototherapy. The light units have heaters of course. One of our premature babies needed two impromptu hot water bottles to keep warm. They are all swaddled and wrapped in woolly blankets.


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