Two Cold (sorry)


Hot water bottles selling like hot cakes in Mawkerthai village. This morning I saw a boy cycling to school with both hands in his back pockets to keep them warm as well as showing off riding “no hands”. An old man, who resembled Ho Chi Minh before he was embalmed, was sitting in a chair soaking up the sunshine, doing calisthenics with his arms, but he had thick mittens on his hands.


Woman with fur lined parka at Mae Kon Ken market this morning. I think her child looks angrier than the Angry Bird on his hoodie.


The temperature control in our Toyota pickup truck doesn’t have “hot” on the disk. There is no red; it is all blue. The range is from chilly to freezing. The driver was so used to having the air con running that it was even more frosty inside. I had to open the windows to let a bit of warmth in. Being from the North East, I pride myself on the ability to cope with cold, so I was only wearing a thin cotton shirt. Here is one of the senior nurses wearing about five layers. A midwife asked for some gloves, woollen, not latex.


This little girl was wearing her older sister’s jumper for warmth. Note the empty sleeves.


Cool weather is great for vegetables. These three ladies were carrying over 20kg each on their heads.


There was a temperature inversion by the mountains over the border in Myanmar, too.


The guest house is getting ready for Christmas. The other day, the reception staff were putting up tinsel from the pelmet above the main window. They had to stand on stools to reach up. But when I walked past, they had to duck down to their ankles to keep their head below mine, as a measure of respect.

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