Cambodian Adventure

I’m taking a week off to visit Cambodia at Christmas. I had just five hours in Phnom Penh this morning before leaving for Kampot and Kep, so I hired a tuk tuk to go sightseeing. He said his name was Sun. “Like Mai Thai Sun, you know him?” No, I didn’t. “You must know him. Famous boxer.” Then the rial dropped. Mike Ty-Son.


The Genocide Museum at S21 is even more harrowing than when I first visited in 2010. One can visit more floors, more torture chambers, see more photographs of the victims (the message gets diluted when you see some of the photographs are duplicates, but they must have made a strong impression for me to notice).

What’s the difference between these photos of two young boys who were tortured?


One has a shirt, his number is pinned to it. The other doesn’t have a shirt, so his number is pinned to his skin.

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