Weekly Photo Challenge: Window

The side window of a UH-1 helicopter gunship in the courtyard of the Museum of War Remnants, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. I have always thought it rather dyslexic to call this helicopter a “Huey”, when it would be more logical to call it a “Ooheee”.


This is an XM214 automatic gun, known as a “minigun”. Another paradox; it doesn’t look very mini to me. It could fire over a thousand rounds a minute. When used in another warplane, the AC-47 “Spooky”, it was prosaically known as “Puff the Magic Dragon”.

And now for something completely different.

I photographed these two young women at a window in Antsirabe, Madagascar in 2008. Reminds me of the Hollies’ hit song from 1965. It was their first hit in USA.

Look through any window yeah,
What do you see?
Smilin’ faces all around

Look through any window
Look through any window

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