Karen lunch

Great spread of food for lunch last Thursday. It was cooked for us by the wife of the senior nurse.


A culinary first for me – eating frog. The dish was very spicy, but I can confirm it tasted like muddy chicken. I didn’t eat the bones, even the tiny ones in the flippers, but most people just crunch away.


The Karen like their vegetables, too. Here are some florets of cauliflower cooked with herbs and spices, and a side dish of mint, cucumber and podded beans.



Rice forms the mainstay of every meal. To make it tasty, you add chillies, dry or in a paste with oil and garlic, and fish paste.

Just when we thought we’d finished, the cook brought out a tray of fried eggs, sunnyside up. It was simple food, using local ingredients, tasty and nourishing. Delicious, even chillied Kermit.

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