Weekly Photo Challenge: Family

This mother and her two children are going home. They are wading across the Moei River between Myanmar and Thailand. The elder child became frightened half way across, but her mum couldn’t pick her up as she had to balance the shopping in the basket on her head. She plucked up courage after holding onto mum’s lunghi and kept going. They had traversed the river earlier in the morning to visit the clinic where I work.

Mother had struggled to get loaded up with baby and shopping as she left the clinic, so I carried her shopping bag to the border crossing for her. I’m not allowed to cross the river at this point, so I watched from the bank. And took this picture.


Reminds me of the classic Jimmy Cliff song, “Too Many Rivers To Cross” (“Harder They Come”). The final line of the song is “Yes, I’ve got many rivers to cross And I merely survive because of my will…”


2 Replies to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Family”

  1. beautiful story and many Rivers as you say off of the harder they come soundtrack by jimmy cliff is one of my favourite records.

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