Thai Massage

With a proper Thai massage parlour just round the corner from my guesthouse, I went for a real massage on my last evening in Mae Sot. I had to change into baggy pyjamas and lie down on a thin mattress. The masseuse was brutal. It hurt. A lot. I thought she would realise I was in agony by my whimpering and groaning, but she probably thought she was working on the correct bit of knotted muscle. When I could take no more and begged her to stop, she seemed quite surprised. Not as surprised though, as when I got cramp, and had to get up and hop on my left leg (never the same since sciatica in 2012). And the ending was very abrupt. She stopped in mid stretch, saying, “Finish now.”

I am not sure if you can describe an hour of being a willing torture victim for £2 as good value. I took some photographs of the classic Thai massage technique, and some exercises to reduce “watta on the scrotum” (bottom right).



Just to reassure you, the masseuse was fully trained and qualified. Here’s her certificate…for reading, writing and critical thinking.


3 Replies to “Thai Massage”

  1. I sympathize I remember the one I had the night before we crossed over into Laos.Mine lasted an hour and a half because I’d gone with our Thai guide and he was busy chatting up the young lady torturing him I got her granny !

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