Today, the bird I have most enjoyed watching is the Grey Crowned Crane

Grey crowned cranes are majestic birds. They are always around in the National Park, as they don’t migrate. They do move on to other places to feed and breed. The tuft of golden feathers forming a crown on their heads makes them easily recognisable. They are usually in pairs and I have spent hours trying to get one of those trick photographs where it appears the bird has two heads.

I usually see the cran in wetlands, together with Marabou storks, yellow billed and saddle billed storks. There is a breeding colony in the Park, but I have yet to find it. I saw a group of four cranes flying over the river at dusk the other day, but the photograph I managed to grab was rubbish.

They like eating frogs and lizards, but also eat vegetation, too. They usually nest in bushes but occasionally in trees. Enough of this, let’s have some pictures.


One Reply to “Today, the bird I have most enjoyed watching is the Grey Crowned Crane”

  1. Wonder full birds. I found one dead under an electric cable across the countryside. Then I took photos of live ones and it took a LOCAL person looking at them to realise I had the babies in the photo too!! Special feeling when you get a bonus and beauty. That was in the Drakensburg Mountains , RSA

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