What’s in the news today?

The news this week has been dominated by marijuana. Among pot smokers in Europe, “Swazi Gold” has a good reputation as a quality product. Here it’s called “dagga”. The best dagga is grown in the high veld. The growers are often quite elderly. It is not uncommon to read reports of gogos being arrested for being in possession of hundreds of kilos of marijuana. Perhaps they are just sitting on the product at home, rather than being involved with production.

I find it amusing when the newspaper expresses the value of a confiscated batch of dagga down to the last cent. For example, recent in Hhohho region, police seized “2,447,313 kg with a street value of 1,468,387.80 Emalangeni” or £79,158.70 at today’s rate.


The Royal Swaziland Police Force called in the Press to witness the destruction of more than 4 metric tonnes of dagga in a furnace.


A worrying development is the appearance of a drug called “nyaope” which is a mixture of drugs used to treat HIV, rat poison and marijuana. Some people must be desperate.


Other stories included coverage of a fundraiser for Leonard Cheshire Homes, which do a great job with disabled children, rehabilitating people who have had strokes. Look at the expression on Princess Phumelele’s face when she was told about a disabled person who became an engineer.


The King recently proclaimed an end to AIDS in Swaziland by the year 2022. This clipping has an obvious misprint, “an AIDS free generation by 20222”, a long way in the future.


Finally in the National News section, a Headteacher has been accused of being pompous. It’s all gripping stuff.



One Reply to “What’s in the news today?”

  1. Oooh, can we arrest public figures for being pompous? (Okay, the headline didn’t say “arrest,” but I can’t help where my mind went with it, can I?) I’ll prepare a list.

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