Monday Morning Meeting Revisited

I arrived five minutes late for the 8am meeting today and missed prayers. Impressively, one nurse who had been on nights and another who had started her holiday both turned up for the meeting. One staff member came in 10 minutes after me, and then we had a full complement. I was sitting next to… Continue reading Monday Morning Meeting Revisited

Another Day, part 2

A woman was sitting on the steps of the clinic, gazing at the ground. I was told that she had mental health problems and wouldn’t speak. She was pregnant and had indicated that she had belly ache. A nurse had prescribed paracetamol and the woman had tried to take all the tablets. I sat down… Continue reading Another Day, part 2

Another day, another clinic

Friday is the second busiest day of the week at Kakumbi Rural Health Centre. I arrived early and got to work seeing those patients who spoke English. During May, about 60% of the people attending the clinic have malaria, so I have been trying to get the clerk who registers the patients to take their… Continue reading Another day, another clinic

Monday Morning Meeting

“We always have a meeting on Monday morning. It informs the staff what their duties will be during the coming week. All government officers have a Monday morning meeting. It is how we do things here in Zambia.” There have been some complaints to the District Commissioner about the health centre staff “sitting about talking… Continue reading Monday Morning Meeting


Su spotted it first as it crossed the track about a hundred metres in front of us, heading for the river. I was too busy steering the vehicle to avoid potholes and missed it completely. Once the leopard reached the river bank, it could turn right (downstream) or left (towards us). We gambled that it… Continue reading Leopard

District Commissioner

It’s not every day that one gets kissed by a District Commissioner; this week, I’ve been kissed twice. Forget the image of a thin, white chap with a toothbrush moustache, wearing baggy khaki shorts, long socks and brogues. Caroline, known as “Madame DC”, is a charming, efficient Zambian lady who was born in Mfuwe and… Continue reading District Commissioner