Integrated HIV Care

HIV care is complicated. You need comprehensive guidelines which cover most situations regarding the management of HIV. These are usually written by WHO experts with input from local specialists and the Ministry of Health. Obviously developing countries aspire to provide as good a service as they can afford. The temptation is to design the guidelines… Continue reading Integrated HIV Care


I went shopping on Saturday morning in the local village known as Cropping. It refers to a time in the past when there were so many elephants in the Park that they were destroying all the trees. So the authorities decided to reduce their numbers – hence cropping. Here is the Pure Carnivores Centre shop,… Continue reading Cropping

Medical Student

Jonathan has been helping us out in Kakumbi Rural Health Centre as part of his medical training. He styles himself “Dr Jonathan” and wears a white coat, prescribes medication and makes referrals. It seemed a bit strange to me, especially when he left last week to go to Lusaka to prepare for his examinations at… Continue reading Medical Student

All the Animals Go To Church on Sundays

  …that’s why we didn’t see many in the Game Park. Sister-in-law Su is volunteering at local school. She loves the ParkĀ  and its animals as much as I do, especially the wild dogs. There are two packs active at present, a smaller group of six and a larger group of about 18. Su doesn’t… Continue reading All the Animals Go To Church on Sundays