Final Swim

Today was the last day of September, and according to Delhi Municipal Corporation, the beginning of Winter. The swimming pool which I have been using for the past month is now closed. I took my camera along to record the end-of-term atmosphere with my new Indian friends.

Everyone else had the same idea and there were selfies galore in the deep end. I have put together a few snaps to give you a glimpse of what went on. We all had great fun, and when this lot got out, I swam a leisurely kilometre and was home before 8am.

Here are some diverse photos of divers:

And some swimmers of varying abilities

Lined up along the poolside

Taking photos


2 Replies to “Final Swim”

  1. You are correct, Charlotte. It was 27C at 6:45 the other morning on my way to the pool and I felt chilly. I am truly acclimatised. This morning at the same time it’s 32C but with awful air quality.

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