Couples at Humayun’s Tomb

Right in the heart of Muslim Old Delhi, close to the Yamuna River, Humayun’s Tomb is a popular venue for young Delhi-ites wanting a quiet stroll in the park. The perfectly trimmed and edged lawns around the mausoleum are ideal for picnics. If the sun is too strong, you can sit on a stone bench in the shade and listen to the water trickling past in the canals.


It’s also a great place to pose for photographs or selfies. I like to sneak in behind the photographer and take snaps of the same scene. Often, I am hauled in to join the group. Nothing like a foreigner to add some interest to your Snapchats.

I came across this couple in a shady alcove of the tomb. She was writing an inscription on his arm in Urdu, I think. I asked what it was, but she could not translate it into English for me. Then I asked whether it was indelible ink and she had to look twice…

This couple spoke perfect English. I didn’t mean to include them in the first shot as they touched hands. We started a conversation when he was instructing his girlfriend how to take the photograph up the stairs with him walking down. I asked him to move into the sunlight and got a better shot. Then he decided to sit down in a meditation pose and I snapped him again.

In case you can’t read his tee-shirt, it says “Orgasm Donor” with a red cross on murky green colour. Cheekily, I asked his girlfriend if she had a matching shirt with “Recipient” on it. She giggled and said her parents would never allow it. He said his parents hadn’t a clue what it meant.


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