The end of Navratri

Yesterday was the end of Navratri, nine days of fasting, prayer and worship to the Goddess Durga. Each day she assumes a different incarnation with different powers. But yesterday, she became the most powerful entity – Maa (mother) Siddhidatri (supernatural provider). Devotees believe that in this form she is the source of all energies in the universe.


Siddhidatri sits on a lotus flower and has four arms, holding a club, a lotus flower, a conch shell and a chakra (energy wheel). She has eight supernatural powers:

Anima – the ability to shrink one’s body to the size of a single atom and Mahima – the ability to grow one’s body to infinite size

Laghima – to become weightless and Garima, just the opposite.

Prakambya – to be able to get anything you want

Prapti – to go anywhere without restriction

Ishitva – to be the absolute ruler of the universe and Vashitva, to subjugate all.

Durga, as Siddhidatri, removes all ignorance and provides knowledge. Students worship her so they will pass their examinations. But it does not stop there. If a devotee prays to her with absolute faith, he will gain anything his heart desires.

Today is Dusshera, the day of victory. And tonight the idols will burn and explode with fireworks.



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