The end of Navratri

Yesterday was the end of Navratri, nine days of fasting, prayer and worship to the Goddess Durga. Each day she assumes a different incarnation with different powers. But yesterday, she became the most powerful entity – Maa (mother) Siddhidatri (supernatural provider). Devotees believe that in this form she is the source of all energies in… Continue reading The end of Navratri

Food when Pandal Hopping

Bengalis enjoy competitions at Durga Puja, whether it be children painting pictures or men reciting poetry. But Durga Puja is all about enjoying food and on one evening, families cook traditional dishes and bring them to the pandal. Judges taste the food and decide which family has won the cooking competition. The “Great Bengali Cook… Continue reading Food when Pandal Hopping

A Night at the Opera

The Durga Puja Committee of Matri Mandir in Safdarjung Enclave has been putting cash aside for the golden jubilee celebration for the past eight years. They wanted to create something special to celebrate the Super Warrior Goddess breathing life into her image for five days. Following the horrific, murderous, terrorist attacks in Paris last November,… Continue reading A Night at the Opera

Couples at Humayun’s Tomb

Right in the heart of Muslim Old Delhi, close to the Yamuna River, Humayun’s Tomb is a popular venue for young Delhi-ites wanting a quiet stroll in the park. The perfectly trimmed and edged lawns around the mausoleum are ideal for picnics. If the sun is too strong, you can sit on a stone bench… Continue reading Couples at Humayun’s Tomb


Sitting around in K Block, Jahangir Puri. These photographs were stolen. This isn’t proper street photography. I just pressed my camera to the glass of the car window as we drove through the neighbourhood and squeezed off a few pictures when I saw something interesting. Although technically K Block is an “unplanned settlement”, it is developed… Continue reading Sitting

Chawri Bazar

During the last days of the Mughals, in the early 19th century, Chawri Bazar was the Soho of Old Delhi. It was an area famous for courtesans and nautch girls – girls who danced so alluringly that their suggestive moves could reduce men to gibbering wrecks. Although the lanes were narrow, behind an unprepossessing facade… Continue reading Chawri Bazar