The Garden of Five Senses

Vision, hearing, smell, touch and taste.

Vision – Yes, it is a garden, with flowers and trees, some artwork and an amphitheatre.

Hearing – Not much apart from the irritating noise of regular overhead flights of planes coming in to land at Indira Gandhi International Airport

Smell – Well, there are lots of stray dogs, with the inevitable dogshit everywhere. There were no scented flowers, but there were some fragrant herbs.

Touch – At least there are no signs saying, “Don’t touch the plants.”

Taste – There is a cafeteria in the grounds of the garden.p1190890


I was disappointed. I thought that it would be much more innovative. Perhaps a part of the garden would be reserved for people who were visually impaired. Or there could be something about texture and touch.

There was a great deal of touching going on, of course, between the dozens of courting couples who were visiting the garden. I checked online at TripAdvisor:

Aastha said, “This place is only meant for couple seeking privacy and not for plant lovers .you can have a greet photoshoot and great food here. The aroma here is all about love.

Achingupta wrote: “Nice Scenic views in park, but generally not suitable for families with kids due to couples engaging in some private activities.”

And most damning of all, Rmanpang had this to say, “It’s no where as you have seen in the Internet, the place was literally a dating ground for all age group people, it’s not even garden any more, it was more like a open bedroom where people maintain a decency of keeping their clothes on. Sorry for my language BT I was really stunt when I found out that, I am not against dating or something like that but man people I have seen their should have their own room not an open ground. The art in the garden was totally overshadowed by those people, that was a shame because that place still had artifact which are really amazing. Hope govt changes the scenario.

I wandered around, taking a few photographs. There were several wedding photographers who had set up their gear and were waiting for the happy couple to come to the garden for a photo shoot after their wedding. I chatted a bit, hoping I could grab a few photographs myself, but none of the couples showed up.


This was post-Diwali so there were hundreds of spent firework casings, piled up behind a wall.


I liked the red sandstone elephants and the rows of children praying.


p1190893On my way out of the garden, I was accosted by a man selling trinkets which were spread out beneath a tree. “Where are you from?” he asked me. “UK,” I replied. “Oh, fish and chips! My favourite food,” he said. Really? He told me that although he had never visited England, he worked in a fish and chip restaurant in Dubai. And he was also a Charlie Chaplin impersonator. I looked him up on Facebook, and indeed he is. Check out Raju-Charlie.

By Dr Alfred Prunesquallor

Maverick doctor with 40 years experience, I reduced my NHS commitment in 2013. I am now enjoying being free lance, working where I am needed overseas. Now I am working in the UK helping with the current coronavirus pandemic.


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