Siege of Delhi

The Brits should have seen the Mutiny coming. They could not believe that their sepoys would rise up against them, they dismissed several minor revolts and they ignored the warnings of their Indian friends. The mutineers in Meerut killed  a few British troops and their families on 10th May 1857 and deserted to the Moghul… Continue reading Siege of Delhi

Jain Temple at Dadawadi

Indians like to give their gurus lots of titles. The Jain leader who is commemorated at the oldest known Jain site in Delhi is called Dada Gurudev Manidhari Shri Jinchandra Suriji Maharaj Saheb. He was a child prodigy, born in 1140AD, who went on to renounce the world when he was six years old. At… Continue reading Jain Temple at Dadawadi


Humayun’s Tomb Fact of the Day: The Persian words for walled garden are “Pairi Daeza” which has been corrupted to the English word “paradise”. Humayun’s mausoleum was the first “garden tomb” in India. The 26 acre site is divided up into four quadrants by paths and narrow canals, representing the four heavenly rivers of paradise.… Continue reading Paradise

Indonesia in the Nehru Gardens

At the weekend I attended a celebration of Indonesia, with music, food, dancing and a quiz. It was intended to improve relations between India and Indonesia, encourage tourism and to showcase Indonesian culture. I wandered through Nehru Gardens looking for the event, but couldn’t find it. I had just about given up and was on… Continue reading Indonesia in the Nehru Gardens