Durga Puja (prayer offerings to the Goddess Durga) have been going on for centuries. The decorations of the Durga idols become more elaborate in an attempt to outdo the previous year’s efforts. But now we are in the 21st century and digital displays are becoming popular. These LED images were set up in Safdarjang Enclave, earlier this year.Here is Ganesh, the Elephant God, and Hanuman, the Monkey God with his enormous club.

Durga with her exaggerated almond-shaped eyes and nose ring

These are very popular in Bengal, especially in Chandannagar. Here is Krishna and Radha on the left and a punch-up on the right, someone swinging a huge mace at a giant on the ground.

I am not sure if they are amazing or just slightly tacky and kitsch. Here’s Tom and Jerry, who looks more like a monkey than a mouse. And Micky Mouse.

I was thinking of bringing some back to Leicester with me to add a bit of Indian charm to the Christmas lights. Watch out Blackpool Illuminations.


2 Replies to “Digilights”

  1. In Takayama at the moment where the headquarters are for the Palm light people..they can pass on the art of true light from person to person through the palm of the hands. The Sukyo Mahakari Main World Shrine. It dominates the west town.. Who allowed it? It is full of kitsch and I gave it a miss… Who wants to ogle at operatic plush red velvet everywhere and a copy of Mexico Queztalcoatl fountain? Well…….

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