I feel naked

At Bhardwaj Lakes, near Faridabad on a trek this morning. It was warm enough for me to go in swimming, just wearing my boxers.

…without my camera. My trusty Panasonic Lumix LX100 has taken thousands of photographs in dusty, dirty environments in Africa and Asia. However, the focussing mechanism went on the blink last week and I have reluctantly sent it to a shop in Old Delhi to be cleaned and repaired.

So I have been forced to take pictures with my OnePlus 3 smartphone camera. I am gradually learning how to use it. The quality is not as good as the Lumix, and I miss the ability to change exposures, speed, aperture and focussing. I am still useless at selfies.

But you never get good pictures unless you have a camera with you all the time. Have a look at some photographs taken with the phone from a moving auto rickshaw.



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