Thursday Doors

I am home in UK on leave, but these doors are still from Delhi.

This door is interesting because it is completely hidden by a pile of husks of grain (?rice). Someone should market this as a food supplement to counter constipation. Why this pile of organic matter is here, next door to the Axis Bank, I have no idea.


Once or twice a week, I find we have run out of milk for breakfast, so I take a metal container and walk to the Mother Dairy store around the corner. I pick my way between the piles of dog muck down the alleyway, cut through the temple courtyard, and squeeze through a hole in the fence. Beside the milk shop there is a doorway which has been crammed full of material. These are the banners, tent canvas, bunting and drapes used to transform a mundane place into a palace fit for a wedding. They have had to take off the door in order to store it all within.


And finally, a door leading to a Jain Temple in Mehrauli, South Delhi.



5 Replies to “Thursday Doors”

  1. Ah Jain temple but no human forms..I wonder why: is this to be compatible with the Islamic style of no human representation…

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