The Law of Unintended Consequences*

It is now over a month since the government of India withdrew the validity of 500 and 1,000 rupee notes in order to stamp out “black money” – cash obtained through bribes or illegal activity. This amounted to 87% of the cash on the streets. The government redesigned the 500 note and issued a new… Continue reading The Law of Unintended Consequences*

An Exhibition of Whimsical Paintings for Children

An Exhibition of Whimsical Paintings for Children …in the age group 5-90 years, by Nalini Misra Tyabji. I was enchanted by this exhibition at India Habitat Centre last month. Nalini says that she paints happy pictures because the child in her never got a chance to, as a child. She paints cats, owls and more… Continue reading An Exhibition of Whimsical Paintings for Children

Indira Gandhi NCA Part 2

The National Centre for the Arts showcases musical troupes from all over India. There were also some fine examples of rangoli – coloured sand, poured into patterns. I love the textiles which were on sale. These stylised paintings of musicians and a dancer were on the walls of the exhibition centre selling traditional crafts, clothing,… Continue reading Indira Gandhi NCA Part 2

Delhi Queer Pride 2016

My boss and I decided we wanted to support the LGBT community in India, so we joined the march on Tolstoy Marg with about a thousand others. This was the ninth such parade. It was joyful and everyone was well-behaved. The police videotaped the marchers, but there was no trouble at all. Drummers and dancing… Continue reading Delhi Queer Pride 2016

Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts

Thirty one years ago, Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi set up this National Centre for the Arts , in memory of his mother. It is a wonderful place to visit which is rarely frequented by tourists. Every few days, there is a different artistic project or event. I went to a superb exhibition of primitive paintings… Continue reading Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts