(Rough) Diamond Dogs in Delhi

Wandering down the lanes (galis) of Old Delhi on Sunday morning, I took some photos of dogs. Here’s an old man, sitting in the feeble winter sunshine with his dog. This family were catching up on some sleep, huddled together on a ledge. This man was lovingly stroking his dog’s head with his left foot.… Continue reading (Rough) Diamond Dogs in Delhi

Loos of Manipur

Don’t get too excited. I only photographed the poshest urinals. The usual stinky ones riddled with concrete cancer I will not inflict upon you. This is my favourite one, very colourful, with a corrugated iron roof and concrete steps up to the throne. I would have ensured the back wall has a strategically placed window,… Continue reading Loos of Manipur

Delhi Traffic

I have become blas√© about the lawless nature of traffic in North Delhi. I say North Delhi because our drivers say that drivers in South Delhi tend to be more law abiding – possibly because of a greater police presence in Lutyens’¬†leafy avenues around the diplomatic enclave and the PM’s house. Or maybe because there… Continue reading Delhi Traffic

Not a foodies guide to Manipur

I wasn’t there long enough to find the best places to eat. With the curfew, we had to be back at the guest house at dusk (5pm in January) for security reasons, so evening dining was out of the question. There was one fast food restaurant which looked like it had been sponsored by an… Continue reading Not a foodies guide to Manipur

Thursday Doors

On the border between Manipur, India and Myanmar there is a little town called Moreh. This is the local supermarket, a wooden building with plenty of ventilation and wooden shutters to close the shop. The door is rather nondescript, I’m afraid. This door is a lovely shade of blue. In the road outside there is… Continue reading Thursday Doors


Most of the people who regularly read this blog will probably not have heard of Manipur. People of my age may remember Imphal, the capital of Manipur, where the British Indian Army held up the Japanese advance during the end of the Second World War. MSF asked me to visit their Manipur project to provide… Continue reading Manipur