Palate Fest 2017

Over the weekend, dozens of fancy restaurants in Delhi set out their stalls at this annual festival in Nehru Park. I was impressed with the variety and quality of the food. It was rather pricey compared to my local South Indian restaurant, where I can get a masala dosa with all the trimmings for 65… Continue reading Palate Fest 2017

Breakfast at Karim’s

Just off the Urdu Bazar Road, on the south side of Delhi’s largest mosque, the Jama Masjid, the Matia Mahal Road runs south towards Daryaganj. On the left after 50 metres, there is a nondescript small lane which leads to Karim’s Restaurant. We had been cycling through the backstreets and galis of Old Delhi for three hours… Continue reading Breakfast at Karim’s

Becoming Indianised

On Monday evening, the driver dropped me off at the street market after work so I could do the fruit and veg shopping for our apartment. Wary of being overcharged as a foreigner, I usually sidle up behind a well-dressed Indian lady who is haggling over the price of onions at a stall. I greet… Continue reading Becoming Indianised

Republic Day

January 26th is the anniversary of the Indian Constitution which came into effect in 1950. I would have enjoyed watching the parade in person, but duty called, and I had to work. MSF had donated some blankets and toiletries to the Naaz Foundation, a non-government charitable organisation which is based in the slums and works… Continue reading Republic Day