Portraits from Old Delhi

“Dilli ke na kooche thhe, aurake musavir thhe, jo shakl nazar aayi tasveer nazar aayi”  written in Urdu by Mir Taqi Mir, an 18th Century poet. Delhi’s streets were not alleys but the parchment of a painting, every face that appeared seemed like a masterpiece. I love wandering down the galis of Old Delhi, taking… Continue reading Portraits from Old Delhi

Thursday Doors

Have a haircut on the street, in front of Samar & Sons, purveyors of toilet cisterns and bathroom fittings. I really like the way the barber has hung all his kit from the electricity cables around the door. The pink colour is sickly, but how about the column on the right? A Corinthian capital, perhaps?… Continue reading Thursday Doors

Children in Manipur

Wherever you go, the children are beautiful. But in Manipur, they look especially cute. Here are a few photographs for your enjoyment. I like the photobomber in this picture. Hanging on her mother’s neck. Who will get impetigo next? Having breakfast Sister and her younger brother In the market, at work. Selling rice with her… Continue reading Children in Manipur