Thursday Doors

I might be on the plane coming home to UK for a short break when you read this blog. But it is still Old Delhi doors. Here’s a cracker to kick off with, from Dariba Kalan Road. I like the old red sandstone shining through the muddy lilac paint of the surround. I would have… Continue reading Thursday Doors


It looked like they were carrying a macabre birthday present, wrapped up in brightly-coloured cloth, adorned with balloons, silver, red and green tinsel, on a flimsy bamboo frame. A man was at each corner and a dozen others were chanting. They were moving quickly but instead of turning right where the the sign said “Entry”,… Continue reading Death

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Five weeks ago, I marvelled at a collection of masks on display at the India Habitat Centre. Sharmila Sen’s exhibition “Art Beyond Tradition” features ninety masks produced by local craftsmen from Bengal. Her aim is to keep alive the dying art form. The artists use papier mache, terracotta, wood and metal. Most depict characters from… Continue reading Masks

More Street Art in Delhi

About half way down Maharshi Raman Marg, I discovered a new selection of street art. The images are deteriorating, unfortunately, but still very impressive. Less words, more photographs.


What’s not to like about Holi? It is a festival of love. It celebrates the end of winter and the arrival of spring. Good triumphs over evil. It is the time to rekindle old friendships. It starts in the evening with a bonfire and the following day, people spray each other with coloured powder and… Continue reading Holi