Thursday Doors

This week I am not posting just doors, doors in a vacuum. Instead, these Old Delhi doors are in the background of some kind of activity. The first door is in front of a streetwalk market. There is an awning, rolled up against the wall, which will be unfurled when the sunshine starts baking the veg.


I missed the photograph here. This goat was nibbling at the man’s jacket, but as soon as I raised my camera, it stopped. Nice spotty legs, though. The iron door behind it is not very attractive.


These men were not keen on appearing in the shot, so they turned their backs on me. It looks like they are sorting out their vegetable shopping. Plastic bags are ubiquitous here. I like the decoration of the fanlight, but again, the door isn’t anything to write home/here about.


This is an archway to a go-down, or warehouse. The goods have spilled out onto the street, wooden boxes filled with treasure. Don’t worry about the electrical wires, this is par for the course in Old Delhi. The guardian doesn’t look very impressed.


One of the streets in Old Delhi specialises in paper, decorations, wedding invitation cards, calendars and posters. I didn’t try, but I could probably easily lift this huge sack of discarded silver and gold wrapping papers. But where is it going? To be recycled?


A man selling balloons outside the green doors of a mosque. The balloons are celebrating the birth of a baby – pink for girls, blue for boys. In Delhi, for every 1000 baby boys, only 800 or so girls are born. Perhaps that explains why he has five pink and just two blue balloons. Or perhaps there is another reason.


Scooters are almost as common as motorbikes in Delhi. They are easier for women to ride when they are wearing saris. Children can stand up in the footwell and hold onto the handlebars. This row of shopfronts is punctuated by two doors, one with a crenellated arch, the other with a pointed arch.


I love the garish colours, pink and orange together, yellow and red for the mini shrines either side of the gateway. The man in shorts and a stripy shirt is buying something from a street trader, just out of shot.


Here’s a dog guarding a door. Look at the smaller door on the left. The star images are a common motif in Moghul architecture.


Another installment next week.


24 Replies to “Thursday Doors”

  1. Ian, you may want to re-link, as the current link goes to a page to create a post. 🙂 That being said, I like that you included the activity going on around the doors, although I imagine it might be difficult at times to get one without people somewhere in the shot.


    1. Thanks. Of all the wonderful places in India, Old Delhi is my favourite, even with the grim and decay. I constantly struggle with linking my blog to others. I will try again.

  2. Remarkable — the colors, doors, people, scenes. I’m rather fond of the row of doors, with the boy in blue jeans looking right into the lens.

    1. I have just spent another Sunday afternoon cruising the SW portion of the Old City and took just 150 photographs, most of them keepers. This should keep me going with Norm’s Thursday Doors throughout 2017.

    1. Sorry Judith. I am approaching 90% of my storage space on WordPress, so I upload the images at 5% quality. If you want to see a particular door, email me and I will send you a bigger image file.

      1. Thanks for your reply. I guessed that’s why your images don’t enlarge. They give a good, though slightly tantalising, impression at this size.

  3. Love these HDR views (not overdone like some do!). The one with the old man with all the wooden crates is my favorite. The first one is very well done too! The colors of the vegetables and the cloth above the door take the crown!.

  4. Thanks, Jean. I have been wandering around the lanes of SW Old Delhi and took over 150 photographs last Sunday. Most were keepers too. So I have enough Thursday doors to last through 2017.

  5. Wonderful colors, character, history in those doors. I love the arches and fanlights! And that bad goat, nibbling at the man’s jacket, but quitting, when you started to get the goods on him! Thanks for the tour. 🙂

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