Thursday Doors

The supply of doors in Delhi is never ending. Here is a bit of quality. Exquisite carving of the wood panels, Moghul flower decoration around the door. Fancy arched fanlight. And a concertina iron sliding door for added protection.


A pigeon was watching me from the lintel as I took this photo. Interesting colour scheme, yellow, turquoise, blue and purple. Check out the small alcoves for candle lights.


Blue and cream colour scheme looks rather neat and tidy, with a matching toolbox. The paintwork could do with a bit of touching up, though.


A marked contrast with this door, which looks like it needs some love. Spattered with paint, a crumbling surround, the doors ajar to allow a couple of cats to emerge to drink a bowl of milk.


This door has two grills to the side; a modern iron one below and a stone carved frieze above.


Under decades of grime, you might just be able to make out “Silver White” (Dry) Cleaners on the sign above this wreck of a door.


There’s the six-pointed star again, in powder blue, with duck-egg blue doors and a lilac patterned surround.


Long, narrow turquoise doors on the first floor of a shop in Chawri Bazar Road. The sign on the right looks like Arabic script above, and Urdu below. Correct me if I’m wrong.


Another set of doors on the first floor, one in purple/pink with egg yolk surround and the other in pale grey.


Look at the doors on the first floor of the Titanic Hotel. What an outrageous colour.


Finally, a doorway leading to a courtyard of a haveli. It is dated 1882, but I can’t decipher the meaning of the inscription.



15 Replies to “Thursday Doors”

  1. More and more enjoyable, Ian. I really love the most scruffy and world-battered ones. The two cats and especially the Silver White Dry Cleaning with tattered posters. Do you know that on a film set, the set designers spend hours “distressing”, ie getting things to look that way.

  2. I really do have serious Delhi-door-envy! These are just so appealing to me, the colour, the decay, the grime, the past effort into building doors and arches and the quirky details…

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