More morning ragas

Ayaan Ali Bangash is the Indian equivalent of a rock god. He is young, handsome and plays the sarod, not the electric guitar. Last month, he performed at a Sunday morning concert in the morning raga series, staged at the India Habitat Centre. He was outstanding, the best Indian classical music artist I have seen… Continue reading More morning ragas

Thursday Doors in York

I have just returned from a spot of leave in England. I spent a weekend in York with my daughters. Here are some doors from the historic city. These two wonderful doors are at the King’s Manor. This was built between 1483 – 1502 as the Abbot’s house. Henry VIII dissolved the abbey in 1539… Continue reading Thursday Doors in York

Thursday Doors

An eclectic bunch of photographs for you passionate portal people this week. Let us begin with this set of marble doors, inset with iron for the hinge at the bottom. It is the tomb of a follower of the famous Sufi Chishti saint,┬áSultan-ul-Mashaikh, Mehboob-e-Ilahi, Hazrat Shaikh Khwaja Syed Muhammad bin Abdullah AlHussaini Nizamuddin Auliya, known… Continue reading Thursday Doors


India is the world’s biggest producer of milk. The USA produces more cow’s milk, but when you consider cow and buffalo milk production, India leads the way. Buffalo milk contains more fat and milk solids, so it looks whiter and is slightly more viscous. My father was a milk deliveryman for most of his working… Continue reading Milk-o


In 1598, the wife of Abdul Rahim Khan-i-Khanan, died. He was a linguistic scholar, administrator, military commander and poet at the Mughal courts of Akhbar and Jahangir. To honour his wife, he built a mausoleum. It is now known as Khan-i-Khanan, Rahim’s official title. He finally joined his beloved wife, being interred in the tomb… Continue reading Khan-i-Khanan

Holi Concert

Holi doesn’t have to be a riot of drunken, drugged up people spraying other drunken, drugged up people with indelible dye. There is a gentler, more refined way to join in the celebrations. Some Indian friends took me to a converted local farmhouse, Mohan Vilaas (sic) to experience an “entertainment with flour” (or was it… Continue reading Holi Concert