Thursday Doors

Some daunting news. My latest foray into the backstreets of Old Dilli has resulted in seventy-seven door photographs. If I post seven images a week, that will take me to the middle of June. More worrying is that my free allowance at WordPress is almost exhausted.

The theme for this week is blue, or blue-ish doors. Here is a pair of blue doors, one metal with a bit of decoration, and one wood with long thin openings, like black piano keys, allowing light inside. The tee-shirt hung up to dry is almost as old as the doors, and proclaims India’s stance on an arms treaty.


A paler blue, older, dirtier and more decorative door. Note the flower motif around the doorway and the attempt to make the scalloped edge of the door frame into the branch of a tree, with carved leaves. And the real leaf, hanging down into the tangle of electric wiring. There are three small alcoves to place oil lamps. The doors look solid and dependable, with a loop of chain hanging and metal studs holding the door together. The ramp at the middle of the doorway is to allow a motorbike to be wheeled in for secure keeping overnight. A tile displaying Ganesh is centred over the lintel.



Powder blue, almost lilac, but still blue. Simple, metal, effective. It gives nothing away apart from the Hindu decor and the political poster showing the usual suspects.


Turquoise blue, with bright orange and dull red decorative surround. Again there is the branch of a tree tracing the scalloped outline, with leaves sprouting forth. I am intrigued by the little grilled window on the right.


My carpentry skills are so appalling that this is the kind of door I would produce if left to my own devices and power tools. The planks look sturdy enough, but what a bodged up job. Does anyone want to give it some love?


There is a blue door behind all this crap. It looks a beauty, too. Lal Madno Ram, Iron Merchants, owned this place in 1921. Terrific decoration, with moustachioed faces at each top corner. Is one the sun and the other the moon? Will the door ever open again? Will the old air conditioner housing finally meet its maker?


And next door to this was a rectangular blue door, showing sacrilegious streaks of yellow in one door post, protected by a couple of sleepy dogs. And a statue guard, wielding a mace. His staring gaze and red eyes suggest he may have been a marijuana user who got truly stoned. I really do apologise for that pun. It was totally called for.


His brother in arms is so intoxicated that he has to hang on to a palm tree. Out the top of which emerges a crocodilian monster with a brown plastic chair hung upside down. From the sublime to the ridiculous.


8 Replies to “Thursday Doors”

  1. The second doorway is my favourite. Once I can visually get past all the electrical wires, there are so many things going on here. Love that slender vine along the scalloped edge.

  2. Well the good news is that you’ve got your doors post for the next few months 😀
    If you have time you may want to read up on how to resize your images before uploading. This saves a LOT of space.
    As for these doors, I have a feeling that that blue one behind all the crap would be my favourite, if only I could see the rest of it.
    As usual, this was another wonderful collection 🙂

  3. Fabulous doors (with more to come apparently!) but as a word person I want to add that your text made this post especially delightful. I can’t decide which I like better (among many gems): “sacrilegious streaks of yellow” or the “black piano keys” simile.

  4. Charming collection od Dilli doors! Those dogs look like they are part of the door decor. You know kinda like the decor with the two lions in front of home types.

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