Thursday Doors

Back to Old Delhi again. These are for Nigel, who is an aficionado of decrepit doors.


OK, the purple door on the left is reasonable; the central door is distressed; the door on the right is missing, revealing a wrecked interior.


Here’s a door which has been the victim of DIY. The posts are rotting. But it is protected by a pair of yellow swastikas.


Indians look at me in bemusement when they see me photographing doors. They think I am crazy – well, perhaps you could say I’m obsessed…


I can just fit another door in – at least half a door. It looks as though a brick wall has rudely intruded. It probably only opens from the inside.


One last door until next week.



13 Replies to “Thursday Doors”

  1. It’s funny how, old and decrepit makes for such good photos – where doors and buildings are concerned. That half-door is interesting, I wonder what the story behind that is.

  2. I can see an exhibition building up for when you return. PLEASE invite me!! You seem to be in contrast or competition with the Dublin doors!! Such fun and delight and they set the imagination going.

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