Handicraft Fair

Two weeks ago, I published a blog called Aajeevika Mela, about traditional handloom textiles. There were other handicrafts at the fair which are worth displaying in a photo-essay. There was a stage at the entrance to the hall, where these three dancing ladies were keeping us entertained.

Ethnic shoes, chappels and slippers were very popular exhibits.


These three idols represent the god Jagannath, worshipped in Orissa.


I would quite like a well-carved Ganesh to take home with me. There were some straw masks and ceramic elephants which attracted my attention.

There were plenty of brightly coloured toys and some dinky copper lamps.

I liked the heavy duty cotton bags, for shopping and laundry. And some earthenware tiles, probably for the wall rather than the floor, given their design.

Old man painting a branch. A set of sweeping brushes. Lampshades and sealed packages of dried fish.


I am not sure exactly what this is, but it looks impressive.




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