TEDx talks in Delhi

TED talks are marvellous. You get an original thinker setting out his/her stall for 17 minutes. TED stands for Technology Entertainment and Design. Its strapline is “Ideas Worth Spreading”.

I just happened to be walking past the India Habitat Centre a few months ago when I saw the TED logo. With an x beside it. This means it is a locally organised event, along the same format and principles of TED, but promoting home-grown ideas.





We sneaked in to hear what the local Delhi folk were enthusing about.

A young man who had convinced all his neighbourhood block to sort their garbage into separate piles for recycling purposes.

A woman who was trying to bring menstruation out of the shadows and into the limelight, promote menstrual hygiene products.

A woman who escaped from being married off when she developed a lymphoma. This made her unmarriageable so she was able to concentrate on her business model for hiring private jets in India.

The two brothers who did a joint presentation, which I have completely forgotten.

A lecturer (in purple shirt and spotty tie) who had given up academia to pursue his own dreams, “Carpe Diem”.


We managed to last an hour or so before moving on, not much the wiser.


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