Hospital Visiting Time

Government hospitals in Delhi are heaving with patients each morning. Doctors finish at 1pm to have lunch, so the pressure is on to get seen before then.  Visiting hospital is a family affair. The ratio of family supporters to a patient might be as high as five to one. This adds up to hordes of people.… Continue reading Hospital Visiting Time

Blind Tasting

Yesterday, a colleague took me to a restaurant called “Ctaste”, run by blind and visually impaired people in Amsterdam. A recipe for disaster? Not at all. The strapline for Ctaste is “hear, feel, smell, talk, listen, imagine, experience, enjoy”. Diners eat a “surprise meal” completely in the dark. Before eating, we went on a virtual… Continue reading Blind Tasting

Thursday Doors

I apologise in advance. Yesterday, I had to visit a backstreet camera repair shop in the Old City to get the sensor cleaned on my fixed lens Panasonic LX100. While waiting, I wandered around the eastern part of the walled city with my Canon 6D & 24-105 zoom lens. I have added most of these doors… Continue reading Thursday Doors

National Rail Museum

York’s Railway Museum is impressive, but the National Rail Museum in Chanakyapuri is a real testament to the Age of Steam. There are dozens of steam locomotives, lovingly restored and parked in sidings. I was in anorak heaven. When I asked for my ticket to be punched at the entry gate, the clerk looked at… Continue reading National Rail Museum

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International Sulabh Museum of Toilets

“Toilet first, temple later” – Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi The International Sulabh Museum of Toilets is not a popular tourist destination. It is hidden away in SW Delhi, in Kali Nagar, Mahavir Enclave. It isn’t close to any metro station, so I checked Google Maps and discovered how to get there by bus. I walked… Continue reading International Sulabh Museum of Toilets