Thursday Doors Merrion Square Dublin

Just doors, fanlights and polished brass. To save space, I have uploaded them all as a bundle. But if you really want to see them up close, you can see them on my shared Google Photo album



8 Replies to “Thursday Doors Merrion Square Dublin”

  1. I was born in Dublin but grew up in Canada. However, I often go to Ireland and always stay a while in Dublin to visit cousins.

  2. I thought it looked like Dublin. Cannot see these without thinking of the great short stories of James Joyce (I don’t know Ulysses but I’d think Bloom-day is relevant) especially “The Dead” and the superb John Huston film of it (the last film he made) and the contrast with the plays of Sean O’Casey set in the tenements, exactly what your doors here are not! And then the whole wonderful history and heritage of Irish writing, so much of it (but by no means all of it) centred on Dublin. And what goes on behind what are now posh, brass-laden doors!

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