Thursday Doors – in Menton

Menton is the town between Monaco and the Italian border at Ventimiglia, as well as being halfway between Paris and Rome. It is famous for lemons (planted by Eve when she left the Garden of Eden…) and TB sanitoria. The old town was the haunt of pirates, and this is where most of these doors come from.

Chapelle des Penitents Blancs

Flowers on top, flowers on the bottom.

Pretty pastel colours

Medieval origins of the Old Town are celebrated by the wall plaque.

More old church doors

What a great door knocker

First floor of Le Terminus cafe, faded glory.P1300823



5 Replies to “Thursday Doors – in Menton”

  1. In love! I’ll visit Menton sooner or later… When I was passing it in 1991 on our way towards the Loire castles and Paris, my travelling companions refused to stop there even though I felt a strong pull. Maybe I needed to grow my door-shooting bone first. 😀

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